Can You Microwave Eggs

Before we start this microwave egg recipe there are some of practices you should make yourself aware of.

First you should not microwave the egg while in its shell, this is because the pressure within the egg and yolk caused by the molecules heating up will have no space to out and instead will make the egg to explode.

The below egg recipes can be made using your microwave oven., pouched eggs, omelettes & Scrambled eggs

Scrambled Eggs

To cook scrambled eggs in your microwave all you need to do is take yourself a two eggs and break them into a mug or a similar container. N.B. Cooking times are for standard microwave ovens ranging from 600 - 700 watts - times may vary for more powerful machines.

1 egg needs 35 until 45 seconds

2 eggs needs 70 until 90 seconds

3 eggs needs 110 until 130 seconds

4 eggs needs 150 until 180 seconds

6 eggs needs 210 until 270 seconds

8 eggs needs 270 until 330 seconds

Poached Eggs

When making poached eggs in your microwave oven, first, take a breakfast cereal bowl and pour into it 100ml of water.

Then break carefully into bowl,  two eggs. Then take them from bowl and ready to serve.

Fried Eggs

To microwave fried eggs you'll need to anoint a small plate (five to six inches in wide) and break one egg onto it.

Now pin the yolk in the same way you did before with the poached egg, cover with clingfilm and cook on middle power for 2 until 3 minutes or till you're satisfied  with it appearance, make sure it has properly cooked.

Hard Boiled Eggs

First you'll have to part the yolk and whites of egg into two separated bowls - which have been greased.

then slowly stir the yolk and next cover both containers with plastic wrapping film and cook separately on half power, remember to stir  occasionally. Take egg contents from the bowls and serve as you wish.

Cooking Times (App) Yolks (for 600-700 watt microwave oven)

Cooking Times (App) whites (for 600-700 watt microwave oven)

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