Scrambled Eggs In The Microwave

You would like to begin the day in the best way possible with a breakfast time which is going to see you through the morning until lunchtime.

Yes, you could have bored with old cereal but by mid-morning you'll be snacking and that's a bad idea if you're trying to eat a healthy well balanced diet.

So, perhaps you should say goodbye to the sugar loaded cereals and start the day with scrambled eggs?, It can healthy, tasty and it can so easy,  a person possible to have the cooking skills of Nigella Lawson to get this dish. Although Nigella’s formula for Spicy Scrambled Ovum is tasty and almost as effortless to make.

A person can of course prepare scrambled eggs on the stove in a skillet but using the microwave gets the job done quickly and is most likely the only option.  To consider, you're at work and don't use a full kitchen.

The Tools

Youl need a microwaveable plate or bowl and a fork. You should also need 3 or 4 eggs, a little bit milk and a tea spoon of butter. A nip of seasoning (salt and pepper). Put the ingredients all together into the container, (the bowl) & beat with fork until the eggs are very well blended with those ingredients.

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You can put bowl in the microwave and choose full power (850w) and cook for a second before taking the out the eggs & stirring the eggs. Put the eggs back & give them  another second. Stir the mix again and give them only half a minute. Repeat the 35 seconds cooking interval until your eggs are grilled to your preference.

As a chef, now you could experiment with your own timings this kind of work usually  well as a general rule. The thing to remember is, that it is actually easy to overcook scrambled eggs in a microwave that’s  why you should use as short as possible timing towards the end of the process.

That should take less than 5 minutes I guess. Enjoy your scrambled eggs now .. You can also learn another recipes here .. check our tons of recipes in our website.